Kat Greta is a musician based in Narrm, Melbourne. A songwriter and multi-instrumentalist with a lifelong passion for performing, Kat writes all her own music and plays the drums alongside bandmates, Simon Paparo (vocals), Thomas Byrne (keys) and Gypsy Spelling (double bass). 

At the heart of Kat’s song writing is a reverence for melodic legends like the Beatles and Carole King combined with pop rock influences from the likes of INXS, The Doors and The Beatles. 

Drawing on her own story an artist, Kat’s lyrics are an empowering and joyful testament to leaping now and looking later, because life is short!

The result is a bouncy rock sound that is rhythmically driven by keys and drums, the perfect soundtrack for a weekend road trip. 

After years of performing in pubs, singing in choirs and playing the drums in her loungeroom, Kat is all set to drop her debut EP in Winter 2022. 

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