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"Kat Greta is a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, taking on the mantle of the wonderful Australian female songwriters Australia has produced and who have released some of the best Australian music of the twenty-first century."

-Weekend Notes

“Poignant, nostalgic, haunting – Kat Greta’s latest single ‘Farewell My Friend’ could drench the final tear-jerking scenes of a melodramatic movie like Sweet November.”

-Sheldon Ang Media

"Greta is proving to be a phenomenal talent with a prodigious songwriting craft"

-Backseat Mafia

"'Get Up & Go' is a short yet sweet EP that oozes with smooth tones and polished melodies. Showcasing a level of adult contemporary we've not heard before. It presents style with retro glare and highlights the ability this songwriter has to offer."

-AAA Backstage

About Kat: Quote

A formidable storyteller and creative, Kat Greta’s homespun songs brim with connectivity and authenticity, alongside her commanding vocals and dazzling stage presence that has adhered her as a shining star in the adult contemporary space. Forging a love for music in her childhood home, Greta’s eclectic early musical influences spanned Burt Bacharach, The Carpenters, Fleetwood Mac, The Seekers and Led Zeppelin. Exploring her talent and interests at an early age, Greta’s prowess spans classical piano, violin, drums, singing, percussion, theory and composition, with her love for pop music of the 60s and 70s also burgeoning her affinity for melody, harmonies, rhythms and arranging. Since the release of her debut single Let It Go, taken from her 2022 EP Get Up & Go, Kat’s modernity mixed with empowerment has snapped heads over the past few years. Her video for Let It Go (Dayne Edward) earned ‘VIDEO OF THE WEEK’ in the Observer EDM’s, The Brag Media. Her latest single, Season To Believe, was added to the Nightlife Pop Playlist and reached over 6000 venues including gyms and cruises. Kat performs regularly as a soloist, duo, and with her full band captivating audiences with her energetic performances and modern-retro hybrid compositions. 

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