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Melbourne-based musician, Kat Greta, is a singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist, whose debut single, "Let It Go" from the EP Get Up & Go (2022), gained widespread media attention.  

Despite her initial success, Kat Greta has diverted from her rock platform and is now creating music in the pop genre to further explore her capabilities.

AAA Backstage described Kat's songwriting as 'showcasing a level of adult contemporary we've not heard before.' With a nod to music legends Fleetwood Mac and The Doors, Kat's music also embraces the melodic sounds of Carole King and Max Martin and has been labelled 'immersive and nomadic.' (Backseat Mafia). 

Kat's mastery of music allows her to perform as a singer, dancer, drummer/percussionist and keyboard player. She performs regularly as part of a duo and full band. Weekend Notes proclaims she is 'taking on the mantle of the wonderful Australian female songwriters... who have released some of the best Australian music of the twenty-first century.' 

Having appeared in a variety of publications, including Music Injection and Australian Musician, Kat showcases a modern sound with empowering lyrics that highlight the old adage 'life is short'. Drawing from her own experiences as a woman and artist, Kat sings from the heart about leaping first and looking later. 

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Let It Go Official Music Video

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Press Quotes

"Get Up & Go is a short yet sweet EP that oozes with smooth tones and polished melodies. Showcasing a level of adult contemporary we’ve not heard before. It presents style with retro glare and highlights the ability this songwriter has to offer."

AAA Backstage

"There is a vital freshness and sense of liberty in the video, compounded by the stunning surroundings and the dynamism of Great’s open-air drumming performance by the seaside, side by side with shots of her driving in the ultimate escape machine: a convertible Mustang. There is untrammeled and expansive joy captured in the scenes, perfectly matching the bubbling immersive and nomadic music."

Backseat Mafia

"Greta’s dynamic drumming is at the heart of ‘Let It Go’, but not at the cost of the song’s thematic hooks."

Music Feeds

"Beats, grooves and husky delights lie in wait on the debut single Let It Go from dynamic drummer and songwriter Kat Greta."

Scope Mag

"She is a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, taking on the mantle of the wonderful Australian female songwriters Australia has produced and who have released some of the best Australian music of the twenty-first century."

Weekend Notes

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